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Mutant Shorts November 2011

October 26, 2011

It’s that time of year again..another Mutant Shorts. This time there’s a slightly broader theme: ‘A Dark Place’ is the topic to inspire short films this time around. It could be a cellar, a cupboard or the inside of a teapot. So long as it’s related to a living space, that’s fine. The rest is up to you. This Mutant Shorts will continue the long running theme of spaces, with previous competitions concentrating on the sitting room, the kitchen and even the bathroom.

The (official) closing date for entries is the end of October, but the actual screenings will take place on Friday November 25th, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, as part of the Trash Culture Revue hosted by MutantSpace. All welcome!

Click on the link below to view/download the application form, with details on how to enter. Or visit the relevant page at the MutantSpace site here.

Mutant shorts app


Friday May 6th 2011: come see the latest Mutant Shorts event!

April 29, 2011

The fifth Mutant Shorts event, and the fourth in the ‘Rooms’ series takes place next Friday May 6th at the Roundy at 6pm. Tickets are €5 and will give you a chance to see some of Cork’s filmmaking talent on the big (ish) screen. It’s a competition but it’s also a coming together of people who are interested in films and filmmaking alike.

Previous competitions have used Hallways, Kitchens, and sitting rooms as themes, this time around it’s the bathroom; well, it had to crop up sooner or later! Next Friday will show how the filmmaker’s have put their imaginations to use this time around.

For more information and to read about other Mutantspace events, visit

Fourth Mutant Shorts competition is underway…

October 5, 2010

Drama in the Hallways..Mrs Danvers moves through the hallways of Manderley (and keeps an eye on the new mistress of the house) in the film 'Rebecca'

Yes it’s that time of the year again..which happens bi-annually in case you haven’t noticed. Filmmakers, first-time or experienced are encouraged to get your thinking caps on and come up with a short film for the fourth in our ‘Mutant Rooms’ series. For those new to the event, Mutant Shorts has had a themed filmmaking competition running twice a year, since June 2009. The previous two comps required all participants to use the same setting. We started with a kitchen, then a sitting room, and now we’ve moved onto they lonely office corridors, busy hotel hallways, or your own hall at home with the coat hooks and plant pots…

If you would like to enter a short film, please register by downloading and filling out this form by Friday October 15th: Mutant Rooms Hallways

(If you have problems with this link, the form can also be found at

Please e-mail completed forms to

Complete films must reach Goldiefish Events, YMCA Building, 11-12 Marlboro Street, Cork, Ireland by Friday October 29th.

The prize for the event is sponsored by Cork Film Centre: 5 days worth of equipment rental 🙂

There is no registration fee for this competition. Screenings will take place on Friday November 5th at the Savoy, Cork, at 7.45pm. Entry to the screenings will be €5. The Verbum Sound Installation event is also running from 6pm at no extra charge for anyone who would like to check it out. All are welcome 🙂 Don’t forget to find us on Facebook too.

Best of Luck!  


Mutant Shorts, Thursday 17th June 2010, at Savoy.

June 16, 2010

10pm is the official start-time for the event. There are 11 films in this summer’s Mutant Shorts, so should be a good show. €5 at the door, see ye there!


The 3rd Mutant Shorts event was a great success, with short films of all sort using the sitting-room setting in any way possible, from a chair in the outdoors to the good old-fashioned sofa. The films were judged by Maximilien LeCain of Cork Film Centre and Dan O’Connell of Egomotion. The winning film was Flipping Channels, directed by Fiona Riordan, and starring Cethan Leahy, Fabian Sweeney and Catherine Crowley. You can view the winning film here at the MutantSpace Vimeo Channel.

A special judge’s prize was also awarded to Hilary Williams for her piece, Living Rooms.

Thanks to everybody who entered the 3rd Mutant Shorts event. We hope you enjoyed it, an remember that stills or video links to your film are always welcome. Here is a list of the various directors and filmmakers who participated:

Christian Cullen

Christina Utxeri

Ciara McKenna

David Keey

Dean Foran

Barry Grant

Shaun Mullen

Fiona Riordan

David Gaughan

Nick Carswell

Noel McElligot

Oisín Carey

Richard Kane/Alice Toner

Rob Noonan

Rob Halloran

Hilary Williams

Thanks again!

Mutant Shorts 2010 Updates

June 9, 2010

The official deadline has now passed for entering a short film to the Mutant Shorts competition this June..but late entries will most probably be accepted anyway!

Although all films will be screened, there will of course be a competitive edge to the event, with the Cork Film Centre sponsored prize up for grabs. The prize consists of 5 days worth of equipment rental from the Film Centre. Said equipment will be a HDV camera, a boom mic and a lighting set. Maximilin Le Cain from the Film Centre and Dan O’ Connell from Egomotion will be judging on the night.

Don’t forget that all are welcome to attend the screenings, filmmakers or not, on the 17th. Entry fee is€5.

Also don’t forget to join the Facebook event page!

Mutant Rooms: A Sitting Room.

March 21, 2010

The 3rd Mutant Shorts film competition will take place this coming June and it will be the 2nd in the MUTANT ROOMS series. All entrants will be screened on Thursday 17th June @ the Savoy, Cork as part of the event that will be going on from the 17th – 24th June.
It is our intention to develop this series over the next few years and in doing so create a unique collection of films based in different rooms, by different people, in different genres

Sitting rooms can hold many surprises..


• All films must be located in, around and about a sitting room
• All films must be under 10 minutes
• All entries need to be registered before 5pm on Friday 21st May
• Deadline for having your film included is Friday 4th June

Please note that ‘a sitting room’ could be inside or outside; at a campsite, woods, in a van, caravan, etc. The film can be told from any point of view. It could be a documentary, a tv show, etc. The possibilities are endless despite the limitations. Whatever happens in that space, that sitting room, is up to the filmmaker

All films must be in DVD format and delivered to:
Goldiefish Events • YMCA building • 11 – 12 Marlboro Street • Cork • Ireland

Download an application form at by clicking here: Mutant Shorts Form

Mutant Shorts Review Nov. ’09

January 24, 2010

Challenging people to create a short film which had to be set in a kitchen led to an array of shorts, each one unique and imaginative. Here is a list of the films that graced the Savoy screen last November, each of which can be viewed at the Mutant Space Vimeo page here.

The Kitchen by Fiona Dowling featured a variety of kitchen appliances with strong personalities, that will make you think twice the next time you kick your vacuum cleaner in frustration.

Home Sweet Home by Keith O’ Connell is the poignant tale of a young man living in squalor and proved to be the winning film on the night.

In DI Why? by Fiona Riordan and Cethan Leahy, we realise that some household chores just aren’t worth the effort, and can leave you in a sticky situation.

One in the Oven by John O’ Callaghan features a turkey and an unborn baby having a kitchen oriented discussion.

Kitchen Antics by Tom White and Seán Stanton lands us in the midst of a student party wherein two guys end up chatting in the kitchen.

The Baked and the Dead by Oisín Carey promotes spaghetti western style cooking when a duo compete to create the best beans on toast.

Fishbone by Hayret Abdula traces a married couple through the years, and all viewed from their very own kitchen.

Crab Murder by Hilary Williams is almost documentary like in the way that it follows a crab from shore to cooking pot in the kitchen.

Butcher by Donal O’ Shea brings us on a surreal and crazy trip into the kitchen of one off-the-wall young man.

Conscience by Seán Breathnach sees a man in the aftermath of a break up, as he deals with the issues weighing on his mind.

All You Can Eat by Rob Noonan centres on a restaurant with a difference, in this rather bloody but intriguing tale.

The Influences of Feminism on French Cuisine by Christina Utzeri tackles the problems that occur when feminism has its way in the kitchen.

First A Dream by Cethan Leahy tells the tale of two people and the strange dreams that one may be inflicting on the other.

Do check out the Vimeo page. First A Dream is not available on the Vimeo page but you can view it at

If you were at Mutant Shorts, we’d love to hear your opinions, comments are welcome!

Mutant Shorts Results.

November 30, 2009

Well done to Keith O’ Connell, whose short film, ‘Home Sweet Home’ won Best Short at the Mutant Shorts competition last Thursday night, and to the runners – up: Hilary Williams with ‘Crab Murder’ and Fiona Dowling with ‘Kitchen’  . Well done to all who entered on a great selection of shorts. More info to come..

New page for film pics and stories..

November 24, 2009

Just added a new page where we’re posting photos and stories about each Mutant Short, so that everyone can share their filmmaking experiences. So far, we have four films covered, but would love more pics..keep them coming please!

Mutant Update

November 18, 2009

So, like we said below, there are now 27 registered teams, and believe it or not it’s only a week to the actual event!

Entry is €5, which covers Mutant Shorts and the other events taking place in the Savoy that night. (Click here to read about all events.) Those who submitted a film, however, will receive free passes by email. The entry fees are used to cover costs, and anything left over will go into production costs for the next event.

There’s more good news for the filmmakers: Cork Film Centre have improved the prize so that the free equipment rental now includes access to a Final Cut Pro editing suite. The films will be judged by members of the Film Centre itself.